A Great Start!

Happy New Year!

The last several months have been
pretty busy, with creating lot's of
special designs for the Christmas Holliday
in our online store,
with Christmas - and Special

Happy New Year Designs,

(Like for example the (Light blue)

Happy New Year's
Coffee Mug

that you already have
seen here above)

...., and also already
having ready for you

Crispy Fresh New Designs,
for this New Year...!

 So for today's post, it's about having a possiblitity
for a great start with investing in new

Special Designs with a
Combination of Techniques:

Many of our designs are based on
Wildlife photo's and Comic Style elements
with impressive lettering and sometimes
even with Cartoon-like text balloons
as you can see in

the Talking Wild Animals
on the Funny

Comic Animal
Phone Cases

Your Thoughts?

'What Type of Graphic Desigs
Do You Like On Products...???'


The Christmas Holiday
- NEW YEARS - Collection
Is Online!!!

Great to have you on this blog today,

Here below you can have a look at some of the
Fun New Years Products:


Once in a While I also write about
for example Books...,

As you could read in the title:
Once in a while I also write about Books
actually writing

Book Reviews
you can read about
them on

the Writing Blog


your own Home Movie Theatre

Just as you want your

(Home) Office Workspace
to help productivity,

When you are really 'into Movies', you might have,
or want to make your own Home Movie Theatre
more attractive by for example have movie posters
of your favorite Movies in

Photo Frames with back light,
that will instantly give your own

'I am going to a Movie feeling'

I remember having been underground under the floor,
meeting several spiders, and cutting to thick layers
of spider webs to install the cable for the speakers
of the Surround Sound

to give it the realistic Movie sound.
With a few Movie Magazines on the table
or your

'CD/DVD-Wallet' (see also at my
Music Blogspot my post about

Flipping through your CD's & DVD's)

and when you have your own

Popcorn Maker,
only the smell of it will get you into the mood also.

What is your favorite Flashy
Movie Title Sequence?

With seeing

James Bond Movies

I have been thinking about all those nice
Movie Title Sequences....,

Who doesn't - for example - know the impressive
artistic 'Flashy' James Bond 'Title Sequence'
that instantly makes you know that you are going
to watch a James Bond Movie full
of action, and exotic locations.

A lot of Movies have a recognisable 'Title Sequence'
as a 'Signature' for a certain style of Movie
giving little glimpses of what to expect of the Movie
while seeing all names from Crew and Castmembers.
(BTW when you are interested in discovering
how you can write your own
Book -, Movie - or
Product Reviews
You can learn more about it

the WRITING Blog)

To know more about impressive 'Movie Title Sequences'
James Bond Movies and other Movies you can have a look at:

Feel free to place a comment and share
your favorite 'Title Sequences'


To Write - Your - Comments, simply click the Comments-Link here below:



Imagine This for Christmas.

On a other blog of mine you could read
about things like

Photo Frames you can
buy as a Christmas Gift

for putting in your 'Christmas Tree Photo's',

for example you can put it in a special

Movie Clapper Photo Frame
as you can
read about in a blogpost about:


Holliday Greetings, Gift Cards
& Gift Ideas.

'Hi & Holliday Greetings,
Great to have you
On this Blog,'
This is the Time! I can remember
the times as a kid that I became
all excited, anticipating, wondering about
what Christmas Gifts
I would get;

- Portable Audio?

- Game Computers?

- Popcorn Makers?

Or for example DVD's, Movie Downloads, Movie Magazines etc. etc. ?

Also to thinking about Gifts You Can
Get for others can be exciting,

You want to get them
Great Gifts That Fit...,

Like the Great Gifts you can find
On Amazon,

For Example How About Checking Out these
- Gift Cards -, you can find on

HP's Writing Blog

Or Other Gifts:


Great Christmas Gift of your own choosing,
and want to discover other Great Gift Ideas
You Can Search on Category with the

Amazon Search Box

You can discover here in
the Left Side Bar,


Isn't it obvious that HP has to be
on HP's Happy Movies?

Well with the big success of Harry Potter I wonder
why I haven't put it on here yet.

It obviously is amazing how the writer

JK. created such a great Magical World
everybody likes to read, and makes people want to
flip pages to and ask themselves the question

What Comes Next,
and how the Movie Makers succeeded
in making all this Magic into a Reality,

Yes indeed Magic can be Real look at
the numbers fantacy can be Reality it
is exactly as Albert Einstein said:

IMAGINATION is More important than Knowledge!
the Numbers are Real!!! as you can see in
Movie Magic in Numbers

What Happened on the Happy Lifestyle Blogs in 2011?

On several Happy Lifestyle Blogs I wrote about possible
New Years Resolution like



AVATAR, you can Look at the Movie Trailor HERE!!!

I have seen Trailer and 'Making Offs' that definitely look more than interesting and also heared good things about it!


The Pitsburgh Pirates?

Well....., euh.., not really, I just saw it's currently a highly in demand keyword, so don't I have noting at all to say about Pirates?

That I have Pirates of the Carabian,


Sandra Bullock, wins Oscar!

Who doesn't know Sandra Bullock, for example from the Successful hit Movie SPEED I & II, (1994/1997) directed by the Dutch director Jan de Bont.

Watch Movies & TV Shows

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How To: * Improve Your Home Theater,
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